Working Toward Common Goal, Officers Make Arrests

Working toward a common goal, Jena Police Department officers along with LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies, arrested three suspects on illegal drug charges during the early morning hours of November 5, 2016.

On patrol of the Jena Town Park after an earlier call of a fight, Jena patrolman Jim Loe observed subjects jump into a truck and speed off. Loe activated his emergency lights as the truck slid to a stop.

As the driver exited the vehicle, Officer Loe observed a green leafy substance stuck to his pants to which he suspected to be marijuana. At that time, Deputy Mario Thomas and Deputy Greg Schneider arrived as Loe pointed out his findings.

The driver, later identified as James Quincy Clark, then reached into his pocket acting very nervous. He was then placed in handcuffs and read his rights per Miranda by Deputy Schnieder.

Clark was later found to have a clear plastic baggy containing a green leafy substance of suspected marijuana inside his waistband.

On further investigation, Schneider observed the middle passenger, later identified as William Manuel Jones, to be extremely nervous and shaking, was patted down for officer safety and found in his left inside pocket a roll tin foil containing suspected marijuana.

Officer Joseph Spence observed on the passenger side a subject later identified as Jocob Tyler Johnson, grabbing his two front pockets. Officer Spence then patted Johnson down for officer safely and found numerous objects in his pockets.

Johnson freely emptied his pockets when asked and Officer Spence observed a small baggy with a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana. Johnson advised Spence that the suspected marijuana was “his home grown”.

Johnson was then placed under arrest and in handcuffs and read his rights per Miranda.

Further search of the vehicle revealed under the passenger seat more suspected marijuana.

Jacob Tyler Johnson, 26, James Quincy Clark, 18, and William Manuel Jones, 24, all of Jena, were each booked into the LaSalle Parish Jail on charges of possession of CDS I – marijuana.

Sheriff Scott Franklin and Jena Police Chief of Police Scott McLendon agreed this is just another act of unity between the two departments to reach a common goal of ridding the community of illegal drugs.