Self Defense Class

LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Deputies Daryl Husbands and Jenny Parker will present a self-defense program to women of LaSalle Parish on Tuesday, June 18.
The goal of the “4 A’s of Personal Defense” Program is to create an educational opportunity for participants to become more aware of their surroundings and avoid or defend against a potential attack. Sheriff Scott Franklin encourages females 12 years of age and older to attend to learn self-defense techniques and gain information that could possibly one day help save their life.
“We need to accept the fact we live in a dangerous and violent world. And even in our small community, there is still crime,” Parker said. “We shouldn’t take for granted that because we live in a small town we will never become victims. This is a naïve and irresponsible way to live.”
The class is set for 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Tumble Time in Jena, which is located on South First Street near the entrance to Jena Elementary.
Parker said this is the reason the self-defense class and the education it offers to women is so important to the community.
“Only you can take responsibility of protecting yourself from becoming a victim,” Parker said. “Through the self-defense class we hope to give you the tools to be more aware, so you can reduce the possibility of becoming a victim or if the situation calls for it you will be able to protect yourself.”
Husbands and Parker have over 30 years of self-defense teaching experience between them, both starting out as a certified instructor with a nationally known program. Over the years, based on training and experience, instructors created a condensed program based on what they felt met the needs of local residents.
The self-defense program consists of basic knowledge taught to participants such as how to be safer and more aware when shopping, traveling and at home. Participants then learn basic personal defense techniques. Instructors also discuss two areas of concern with women – domestic violence and sexual assaults.
After classroom discussion, participants were lead in learning basic moves of defense, which they used in the final part of the class – simulation. Simulation exercise is where an instructor and participant both are suited up into protective gear and then a situation is played out when the participant escapes the attack.
Female participants are encouraged to keep their physical activity in the class within their limitations. The deputies encourage teens and women of all ages with any type of physical limitation to attend a self-defense class to better prepare themselves in case of an attack.
If a participant is under 18 years of age, a parent will need to sign a parental consent form. For more information and/or to register by June 17, call Deputy Jenny Parker at 318-992-7364.