Residence check results in illegal narcotic arrests

A routine residence check last Thursday in lower LaSalle Parish led to the arrest of two men on illegal narcotic charges, according to LaSalle Sheriff Scott Franklin.

On the night of Thursday, August 5, a Louisiana Probation and Parole Agent along with LaSalle Parish deputies went to a residence on Magnolia Loop for the purpose of a residence check. 

The homeowner, Douglas Norris, age 50, of Jena, opened the door, and the Agent detected an odor of marijuana. The probation agent explained to the individuals present of being there due to an individual staying there on probation. 

Norris removed suspected marijuana from his shirt pocket and in plain view on a bedside table drug paraphernalia along with suspected methamphetamine was observed.  Norris stated, “I forgot about that, it’s a little meth from this morning”. 

In the backyard a camper was observed with the air conditioner running.  A male was observed lying in bed and was identified as Franklin Lambeth, age 36, of Jena. Lambeth was asked about anything illegal in the camper to which he handed over a small black bag. 

Inside the bag, two used syringes were located and Lambeth pointed to a small plastic container next to where he was sleeping.  Inside the top drawer suspected methamphetamine was located along with drug paraphernalia.  

Both Norris and Lambeth were arrested and transported to the LaSalle Parish Jail in Jena for booking.

Douglas Norris was booked on charges of possession of CDS II methamphetamine, possession of CDS I – marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Franklin Lambeth was booked on charges of possession of CDS II – methamphetamine, possession of CDS II meperidine hydrochloride, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Sheriff Franklin commended the officers involved for their dedication in helping to rid LaSalle Parish communities of illegal narcotics.