“Operation Option Three, Phase 2” yields more drug arrests in LaSalle

The hard work and dedication of the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division has once again resulted in the arrest of more individuals on drug distribution and possession charges. Sheriff Scott Franklin called the latest roundup “Operation Option Three, Phase 2”, saying it was a continuation of the first roundup held in July 2009, and is based on his campaign slogan, “Quit, Move, or go to Jail.” Officers from the Jena Police Department, Louisiana State Police, and the U.S. Marshal’s Task Force joined LaSalle Parish Sheriff officers at 5 a.m. last Thursday morning to begin serving a number of arrest warrants.

The warrants had been obtained as a result of an undercover investigation stemming back as far as 2008, Franklin said. This operation, including other roundups and individual arrests from the beginning of Franklin’s term to the present date, brings the total number of narcotic arrests in the parish to over 500. “As I have stated since I begin my campaign and took over as your Sheriff, we are working daily to rid our parish of illegal narcotics,” Franklin said. “This is what I promised from day one, and a vast majority of our efforts at the LPSO is devoted to developing cases against those who would sell or use illegal drugs in the parish.” “I might add that a lot of our success in making this many drug arrests in less than three years goes to the citizens of this parish for their assistance,” he said. “Many of our cases are made from tips received from citizens who don’t mind becoming involved in getting drugs out of their communities.” “I am proud of the record we have established in the parish on stopping the sale and use of illegal narcotics,” Sheriff Franklin stated. “But I am more pleased that we have made our communities safer for our children and adults to live their daily lives.” “Even with more than 500 narcotic arrests, I know our job is not complete,” he said. “It is a daily battle trying to out-smart those who would bring illegal drugs into our parish to sell to our citizens, especially our young people. As long as I serve as your Sheriff, you can rest assured that we will continue to do everything in our power to stop the flow of drugs into our communities.” Chief of Narcotics Robert Terral said more arrests are expected as part of “Operation Option Three, Phase 2” in the coming days. “We still have several warrants that we were unable to serve last Thursday, but they will be served as the individuals are located,” Terral said. “The narcotic division of your sheriff’s office is vigilant in its efforts to locate and identify drug dealers and users and to make cases against them.”


The following people were arrested during “Operation Option Three, Phase 2” last week:

Jennifer Arnold, 25, of Grayson, charged with distribution of CDS II – meth, 2 counts.

Michael Ashmore, 51, of Jena, charged with distribution of CDS IV, Darvocet.

Laci Baker, 30, of Jena, charged with possession of CDS II, meth.

John “Ryan” Bergeron, 29, of Grayson, charged with distribution of CDS II, meth.

Jessie Dickey, 31, of Jena, charged with distribution of CDS I, Methylone, and distribution of legend drug.

George Hailey, 38, of Jena, charged with distribution of CDS II, meth, 2 counts.

Matthew “Matt” Hodges, 34, of Jena, charged with distribution of CDS II, meth.

Michael Humphries, 49, of Jena, charged with distribution of CDS III, Hydrocodone, 2 counts.

Chad LeGrande, 22, of Trout, charged with distribution of CDS I, marijuana.

Charles Turnage, 50, of Jena, charged with distribution of CDS III, Hydrocodone, and distribution of CDS III, Hydrocodone in combination with non-narcotic ingredient.

Julia Washington, 44, of Jena, charged with distribution of CDS I, marijuana, and distribution of CDS III, Hydrocodone.