LPSO Deputies Complete Merit Program in Shreveport

LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office Chief of Narcotics, Detective Robert Terral, and LPSO Detective Brant King recently completed a methamphetamine lab response training class conducted by MERIT Training Programs at the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office Regional Training Academy in Shreveport during the week of June 20th, 2011. Detectives Terral and King both completed the 40-hour training program and received OSHA Certification as Hazardous Material Specialist and Site Incident Commander for responding to and processing clandestine methamphetamine laboratories. During this training, the detectives learned about the different types of meth labs, how to identify each of these labs, and how to process these labs safely. They each received over 24-hours of hands on training and 16-hours of lecture and classroom work. During training class, both Terral and King received certification in Level A Protective Gear for processing of meth labs.

Terral said, “The common components for manufacturing meth include: pseudoephedrine or ephedrine (cold tablets), fertilizer, sodium hydroxide (red devil lye), solvent (Coleman fuel, acetone, gas, ether), hydrochloric acid (Muriatic Acid), sulfuric acid-drain cleaner (liquid fire), aluminum foil, Epsom salts, hydrogen peroxide and rock and table salt. Supplies commonly used to assist in the manufacture of meth include coffee filters, grinders, plastic tubing, plastic or glass containers, torches, hot plates, and lithium batteries“. Terral asks that you call the Sheriff’s Office if you suspect that an individual is purchasing a combination of these items or buying them in bulk for meth creation.

Sheriff Scott Franklin said, “The training these two officers received provides an advantage to the parish. It is very cost effective because we can now process meth labs internally without assistance from outside agencies, which saves time and expense. We can collect all evidence necessary for Court, plus these officers are certified to dispose of or dismantle meth labs. Both of these officers demonstrated advanced knowledge of methods and procedures for safely responding to and processing crime scenes where methamphetamines are illegally being manufactured”. The Sheriff also noted, “I commend them for being willing to further their knowledge which will be a valuable asset to your Sheriff’s office in future meth lab seizures.”