Welcome to LPSO Kids Corner — a web site created just for you!

We will discover some exciting things about the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office. You will also learn how to stay safe while you’re having fun. I’ll tell you what to do in an emergency, what to do if you are lost, and even how to deal with the neighborhood bully.

There are a couple of other sites you may want to check out that are made just for kids like you , McGruff the Crime Dog and NetSmartzKids and FEMA for Kids, they are kid friendly and LPSO approved!!

Calling for help

None of us handle emergencies every day. In fact, even grown-ups aren’t always sure what to do. You can save someone’s life if you do two things: first, stay calm! Second, call 9-1-1 right away.

  • When you call 9-1-1, the operator will ask you if you need police, fire, or medical help. If you’re not sure, just explain what’s going on and the operator will take it from there.
  • If you can’t remember 9-1-1, just dial “0” for the operator. If you’re away from home and a pay phone is nearby, just pick up the handset and dial. An emergency call from a pay phone is free-you don’t need any coins.
  • It’s okay to tell the operator your name and your age. If you are calling from a home telephone, you don’t need to know the address. The address will automatically show up on the operator’s computer screen. If you’re outside calling from a cell phone, the computer won’t be able to tell exactly where you are. So, the operator might ask you if you can see any street signs or large buildings near by. They need that information so they know exactly where to send help.
  • Stay on the phone until the operator tells you it’s okay to hang up. They will probably ask you questions while help is on the way. Speak loudly and clearly, and answer the questions the best you can.
  • If a fire breaks out at your home, leave immediately and go to a neighbor’s house to call 9-1-1. Never call 9-1-1 from inside a burning building. Your safety comes first!
  • You should only call 9-1-1 for life and death emergencies-when you need help fast. Maybe you are seeing a crime in progress, or someone’s very ill or was badly injured in an accident, or if there’s a fire.
  • Sometimes when we make telephone calls, we dial the wrong number by mistake. If you dial 9-1-1 by mistake, wait until the operator answers and tell them you dialed the wrong number. If you dial 9-1-1 then hang up without talking to the operator, they will think something is wrong and will send a police officer or deputy to your home to see if you’re okay. If you stay on the line and tell the operator you just dialed the wrong number, they’ll be happy.

If There’s a Fire

All fires need three things: fuel, heat and oxygen. Fuel is the material that burns. Heat can come from lots of places including a lit match or candle, a kitchen stove, or a cigarette. Oxygen is in the air around us and a big supply will make the fire grow.

Your home should have a smoke detector with fresh batteries outside each bedroom. So if a fire does start, the alarm will warn you, and give you time to get out fast.

If you smell smoke, see flames or hear the smoke alarm:

  • Yell, “Fire!” and crawl out of the house, under the layer of smoke, if there is one. Don’t go back inside for any reason.
  • Run to a neighbor’s house and ask them to call 9-1-1 immediately. Never call 9-1-1 while inside a burning building. Your safety comes first!
  • If you live in a tall building, calmly leave your apartment, close the door behind you and pull the fire alarm closest to the nearest exit. Walk down the stairs to the ground floor and leave the building.
  • Never take the elevator during a fire!
  • Never try to put out a fire yourself, no matter how small it is.
  • If you are the person calling 9-1-1, tell the operator your name and what’s happening. They’ll ask you lots of questions while fire rescue is on the way, so don’t hang up until they say it’s okay.
  • If your clothes ever catch fire, remember these three words: stop, drop and roll. Stop where you are, drop to the ground, cover your face and roll over and over until the flames are out. You might want to practice this with your friends!

Uh-oh, I’m lost!

It happens to almost every kid at least once-you’re in a store, looking at a new toy or game, then suddenly you look up and Mom or Dad is gone! You’re lost! What should you do?

  • The most important thing is to stay calm. Remember, an adult would never leave without you. First try loudly calling the adult you’re with. They might be around the corner, just out of sight.
  • If you’re in a store, find someone who works there and tell them what happened. Usually people who work in stores wear a uniform or a name tag, or stand behind a counter near a cash register. They can help find the grown-up, fast.
  • If you can’t find a store employee, stand still and don’t move. The grown-up you came with might be searching for you. Give them a chance to find you.
  • If you’re going to a theme park or another place with lots of people, the best thing to do is stick close to the adult in charge or others in your group. It’s best to use the “buddy system”, so you always stick with a “buddy” during the activity. When you arrive, adults and kids should come up with a plan, so everyone knows what to do if someone gets separated from the group.
  • Pick a meeting spot that’s easy for everyone to find and remember. If someone gets separated, everyone must meet at that spot. If you’re not sure how to get there, stand still and don’t move. Give the grown-ups looking for you a chance to find you.
  • You can always ask an employee for help. Look for people wearing uniforms or name tags. They’ll know how to get you back to your group.
  • If you get lost outside, the two most important rules are: stay calm, and stay put. Adults who are looking for you can’t find you if you are moving from place to place. Find a spot to wait near an open space, where people could see you.

Stand up to Bullies

Does another kid pick on you all the time? Call you names, try to trip you, take your things without permission, or push you? Sounds like you’re dealing with a bully!

A bully can be a boy or girl, one person or a whole group. Their actions can make you feel scared, sad, embarrassed, even sick.

Everyone-big or small, young or old-has the right to be treated with kindness and respect, and to feel safe. Bullies may act tough, but inside they are really cowards. Here are some things you can try to get those bullies to back off:

  • You can try talking to them. Calmly say, “Why are you being mean to me?”
  • Walk away and ignore them. Sometimes, bullies think it’s fun watching you react to something they say to you. If you ignore them, it won’t be fun anymore and maybe they’ll go away.
  • Make a joke. If you say something funny and laugh with them, the bully might forget to pick on you. If they pick on you a lot for the same thing, think of some lines you can use on them next time. Then, practice with a friend or adult.
  • Speak up. Loudly say, “Stop picking on me!”
  • Stick with your friends. Some bullies don’t like to approach kids when they’re with a group. They would rather corner someone when they are alone, and when there are no adults around.
  • Avoid places where the bullies hang out. If you can, take a different route to class, or home from school. Or leave a little earlier or later.
  • Tell an adult. If you’ve tried to solve the problem yourself and aren’t getting anywhere, tell your parent, a teacher, counselor or the principal. Chances are the bullies could be picking on other kids too, and that’s a problem an adult should handle.
  • Talk to the School Resource Deputy or to the School Resource Officer at your school. Explain the problem to them and ask for their help.
  • If a bully is doing something that hurts you-like punching or kicking-tell an adult immediately.