Be Involved in Your Child’s Life

Teacher’s Message to Parents:

“Be Involved in Your Child’s Life”

An elementary classroom teacher has shared her perspective on violence in schools and how to solve the issue.  As a teacher for 15 years, she has seen many changes like the ‘new math,’ and ‘bring your own device.’  We are not aware of some of these changes.

This teacher sends out a letter to the parents on the first day of school asking for information about their child, like their hopes, dreams, fears, challenges, etc.  The letters have been extremely beneficial in getting to know her students on a personal level.  She has learned about eating disorders, seizures, jealousy issues, depression, adoption and abuse and many more challenges.  Often, she will pull a letter when a student exhibits a sudden change in behavior.  Recently, two students, a brother and sister, lost their mother so she pulled her letter.  She allowed them to read the letter their mother wrote so they could see how much she loved them.  What a wonderful gift!

As she filed the letter in the cabinet, she noticed something and was shocked.  She knew that fewer parents were sending letters.  In her first year of teaching, 98-percent of the parents sent letters.  This year…22-percent.  So many students she does not get to know on a personal level.

She also noticed that the year’s average for homework turned in was about 67-percent.  Students are reminded daily.  She sends text messages on her website, but parents continue to allow their child to accumulate zero after zero.  That average, like the one about receiving letters, was also around 98-percent.  Fifteen years ago, it was rare for more than one to two students who failed to turn in their homework.

So now, this teacher has only 22-percent of her students that she gets to know, but no way of learning about the other 78-percent.  With parents not involved in the academic process, she has no way of identifying the students with the mentality and disposition to develop behavioral issues or to become violent.  Many parents no longer require, expect and demand their child to complete their assignments, making it difficult to educate students.

PARENTS, please do not wait until your child develops behavioral issues or becomes violent to make the school aware of your child’s mental struggles.  Notice any changes in their behavior and contact their teacher.  Do not wait to check grades and question the teacher on why your child cannot participate in sports because they are failing.

BE A PARENT!  Get involved in your child’s life so that you can help them through issues with friends, depression, any thoughts of suicide and academic problems. I truly believe that, if parents would spend more time with their children and become involved in their lives,   we would see drastic improvements in our schools and in our society.

Our job as parents is to raise the most amazing citizens possible.  It is the most important job in the world.  The education and emotional stability a parent can provide is priceless.  Our

Children are our future!

Look for more information on parenting tips next month.