“Are You OK?”® program being implemented

A support program for the elderly, homebound and disabled

LaSalle Parish Sheriff Scott Franklin has announced that the Sheriff’s Office is implementing the “Are You OK?”® telephone reassurance system to assist elderly, homebound and disabled individuals in the parish.

“This program will be a benefit to those it will serve and to those public service agencies assisting the elderly, homebound, and disabled residents of LaSalle Parish,” Sheriff Franklin said.

The “Are You OK?”® telephone reassurance system is a computerized system that will make daily telephone calls to subscribers at the same time and/or times each day, seven days a week to verify their health and safety.

Subscribers will choose a time and/or times for the system to call them at no charge. The subscriber must answer this call, listen to the pre-recorded message, and then simply hang up if they are all right.

If the subscriber does not answer or if the telephone line is busy, the system will generate two more calls to the subscriber. If the subscriber still does not answer, then the system will generate an alert to the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office will then notify the subscriber’s designated contact or alternate contact person and/or send a deputy to personally check on the individual. Deputies will not enter a subscriber’s residence without probable cause or invitation.

Suspension of the calling service, for several hours, a day or several days, is available. To suspend service, the subscriber or their designated contact must call the Sheriff’s Office sub-station in Olla at 318-495-5128 and advise them of the times and dates of absence. To reactivate scheduled calls, the subscriber must call this same number and request the resumption of service.

If you are are a resident of LaSalle Parish and would like to subscribe to the “Are You OK?”® telephone reassurance system, please contact Dana Chapman at 992-3026.

You may also obtain an enrollment form at the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office, Olla Substation, Office of Homeland Security, LaSalle Council on Aging, Centennial Cultural Center, or any town hall in the parish.

You may also obtain an enrollment form by accessing the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office website at www.lasalleso.com. Information such as your name, address, phone number and emergency contact information is required for subscription.

Sheriff Franklin said if you plan to use a cell phone number as your contact, you will need to check with Dana Chapman to make sure it is in the service area of the system.

Or if you have any other questions regarding this program or need assistance to subscribe, please contact Chapman at 992-3026.

“We are pleased to be able to provide this program for our elderly, homebound and disabled citizens,” Franklin said. “The program is ready to implement as soon as we begin signing up subscribers, and I will certainly welcome any feedback from our citizens on this new outreach program.”