Waging A War

Waging A War…

Over One Thousand Drug Arrests Made During Past 7-plus Years

According to LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office records, more than one thousand drug arrests have been made during the past seven-plus years, since Scott Franklin was elected Sheriff.  176 drug arrests were made last year, the most for any single year since Franklin assumed the Office of Sheriff.

Franklin was elected Sheriff in the fall of 2007, and soon after his election, assumed duties as Chief Executive Officer for the Sheriff’s Office.  Drug arrests reported since that time include 136 in 2008, 173 in 2009, 163 in 2010, 133 in 2011, 95 in 2012, 151 in 2013, and 176 in 2014. Already in 2015 – in just one month – a total of 11 drug arrests have been made.  That totals 1,038 drug arrests in the past seven years, for an average of 148 per year, or an average of just over a dozen drug arrests for every month since 2008.

Seven years ago when Franklin was seeking the office for the first time, he made a commitment to give drug dealers three options – 1. QUIT and become productive members of the parish; 2. MOVE, because we don’t want you here; or 3. GO TO JAIL.

Sheriff Franklin recalls his main reason for seeking Office. “When I visited an individual at home and stood with them outside on their front porch, many of them could point out a ‘drug house’ in their neighborhood,” he said. “Many parents expressed fear of leaving their children alone in their yard for even a few moments because of the ‘drug traffic’ on their road.”  “It was very evident to me that the good people of this parish had had enough and wanted their parish back. I knew with my training and experience, I could make a difference,” he recalled.

“I am proud that our department has made more than 1,000 drug arrests in the past seven years, with over a third of those arrests being for distribution,” he stated. “The conviction rate for all drug cases taken to trial stands at 99-percent.”  “Citizens are pleased that these arrests have led to a 45% reduction in all other crimes during this time period,” he said.

“Citizens have now reclaimed their neighborhoods and are no longer afraid in their homes and communities,” Franklin stated. “By working together we have made a huge impact on the drug trafficking in the parish and we will continue our efforts as we serve the citizens of the parish.”

Sheriff Franklin commended his narcotic detectives for the outstanding job they are doing in apprehending those who use or sell illegal drugs in the parish.

“Again, we’d like to acknowledge that a lot of our cases are made from tips supplied to us by interested citizens in the parish,” Franklin said. “Our citizens know when suspicious activities are taking place in their neighborhoods and can tip us off so we can follow through with an investigation.”