Service for Crime Victims

LPSO Announces New Service for Crime Victims

LaSalle Parish Sheriff Scott Franklin is pleased to announce that the LPSO has enrolled in a new service for victims of crime. The Louisiana Automated Victim Notification System (LAVNS) is a service provided by the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement.  LAVNS monitors the custody status of adult inmates in all parish jails and state prisons.  The system permits crime victims and their families to obtain information pertaining to the custody status of the offender.

The information is provided automatically by computerized data collection and notification or through direct inquiry by the victim and/or their family.

The LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office is now online with the LAVNS system and is currently providing booking information to VineLink.  Offender status data is automatically collected by LAVNS as provided by our Records Management System, seven days a week; twenty-four hours a day.  This includes offender transactions from the LaSalle Parish jail and the Department of Corrections (DOC):  intake, bookings, transfers, releases, escapes and deaths that occur in our system and the DOC.

When a deputy arrests an individual who commits a crime with a victim, a Louisiana Victim Notice and Registration Form is completed.  The victim may sign the form or may choose not to.  If signed, The LaSalle Parish Jail Management System will send the victim’s contact information to LAVNS, temporarily registering them.

LAVNS will contact the victim, so that the victim can register with his/her own PIN.  Callers may register for automatic notification by phone, email, or both.  Registered persons will receive notification of any change in an offender’s status.

The information is also available to victims and the general public by calling toll-free, 1-866-528-6748 or through the LAVNS website,  You may inquire about an offender’s status and register to be notified upon any change to the offender’s custody status.

“Victims have rights.  They have the right to be notified of a change in the offender’s status so that they can plan for their safety when an inmate is released,” states Sheriff Franklin.  “Should you need assistance in registering, please call 318-992-2067.”