Public Announcement

Delinquent Fines, Fees, Restitution and Traffic Tickets

Starting in August of 2014, the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office will begin a concentrated effort to collect delinquent criminal fines, fees and restitution and traffic citations.  Court Judgments will be sought against those who have not paid the amounts ordered by the Twenty Eighth Judicial District Court.  Court proceedings will result in an increase in the amount owed.  The revenue from this effort will be distributed to the State of Louisiana, the LaSalle Parish District Attorney’s Office, the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Twenty Eighth Judicial District Court and the LaSalle Parish Police Jury.

Judgments can result in income tax refund interception, driver’s license suspension or wage garnishment. This public announcement is being issued to allow those with delinquent fines to avoid these penalties and pay the amount owed.

Our goal is to prevent the addition of costs and avoid additional penalties for LaSalle Parish citizens, while collecting amounts ordered by law.   If you owe any fines or have questions regarding this issue, please contact Alan Graham or Christie Greer at the Sheriff’s Office, 318.992.2151, for assistance.