October 2015 Burglary


On October 3, 2015 Deputies responded to a private residence on Cochran Creek Loop in Tullos, LA in reference to a residential burglary.  The homeowner had returned to his residence and discovered a theft had taken place.  Firearms and hunting equipment were reported as being stolen from the residence.  LPSO Investigators report that a couple of suspects have emerged as a result of the ongoing investigation but more evidence is needed before an arrest can be made.




The public is asked to contact LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office with any information regarding the crimes listed or with knowledge of any other crimes.  Your identity will be kept in strict confidence.


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As always, Crime Stoppers will pay up to $2,000.00 for information leading to the arrest/conviction and/or grand jury indictment of anyone committing these or any other crimes.

Detective Brant King can be contacted by email at bking@lasalleso.com or office phone 318-992-7359.

Detective Connie Zeagler can be contacted by email at czeagler@lasalleso.com or office phone 318-992-7350.

Detective Leland Guin can be contacted by email at lguin@lasalleso.com or office phone 318-992-2270.

Detective Richard Smith can be contacted by email at rsmith@lasalleso.com or office phone 318-992-7361.

Detective Tracy Clark can be contacted by email at tclark@lasalleso.com or office phone 318-992-7357.

Providing your name is not necessary; however, if your name is provided, it will be kept confidential if so requested.  Please, help us in our fight against crime either discreetly or by becoming active in your community to make it an even better place for our children.

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