New Scam Warning

New Scam Warning

A local woman is warning area residents of a new scam – last week, she received a letter from “Mutual Financial Incorporated” stating: “we are pleased to bring this official notice which confirms you as one of the 2nd prize winners in the second category of the European, African and USA Consumer sweepstakes promotional draw.”

The letter went on to inform her that her name had been matched and she had won $250,000 from the sweepstakes. Enclosed with the letter was an official check in the amount of $4,350, which according to the letter, she was to deposit in her account and use it to pay the processing fee for the winning. The processing fee was stated to be $3,900.

The lady said she knew it was a scam and if she had done as letter instructed, then the scam artists would have been able to clean out her bank account. “I wanted to alert the public to this scam, and will turn this information over to the local sheriff’s office, although I realize it is not much they can do,” she said.

Citizens, be aware of anything that looks too good to be true; most likely it is! Don’t be taken by scam artists.