My D.A.R.E. Report

Hi, my name is Ava and I am going to tell you about the DARE program. The program is very fun. It teaches you how to make safe and responsible choices. It also teaches you how to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

Here is what I learned during DARE. I learned how to calm down while you are stressed by counting to five. I learned how to communicate effectively by speaking confidently and clearly and that you should not speak angrily or timidly. The meaning of DARE is Drug Abuse Resistance Education.

The decision making model is define, assess, respond and evaluate. When you define, you explain the problem. When you are finished, you assess or find your choices from your problem. Responding means you take one choice from when you did assess and use it to solve the problem. When you evaluate, you ask yourself if you made a good choice and you try to explain why or why not.

When I am an adult, I plan to be a college professor. This is how I plan to use everything I have learned if I become one. If someone is fighting with another person or if I am sick and cannot make it, I will use the decision making model I learned in DARE to help me. While solving the problem, I will try to speak calmly and clearly. If I am stressed, I will count to five or walk away from the problem to calm myself down.

That is what I learned in DARE and how I am going to use it when I am older. I have told you about the DARE Decision Making Model and how to use it. I have also told you about what I learned during DARE. I hope you have learned things from this. Have a good time in DARE.

Nebo Elementary School –D.A.R.E. Officer Jenny Parker and Sheriff Scott Franklin are shown with Essay Winner Kassady McDaniel and Daren Award for Good Citizenship Recipient Gracie Joy.

My D.A.R.E. Report
By Kassady McDaniel
NES/Cija Joy
I am Kassady McDaniel. DARE has changed my life to make good decisions and not bad ones when I get older.
I have learned that when I get older, use what I have learned in DARE like risky situations, safe choices, signs of stress and peer pressure.
I used the DARE Decision Making Model to describe the problem and the challenges. And if I made the right decision or not. Also, gathering the information to tell a teacher or adult to help.
I plan on using this when I get older and more in life when I get in risky situations. I could use DARE to help people in life to say no to drugs, Also, not let people push me or others around and be nice to people.
This could help me and others out in life to not bully people around and not do drugs and sneak around to houses. Also, not to judge people. That is how I will make the right choices in life when I get older.

Nebo Elementary School – Class of Cija Joy
Front row (left to right): Andrew Butler, Callie Decker, Brock Ganey, Skyler Gilmore, Gracie Joy, Hunter Kelley and Jesse Love; middle row (l to r) Kassady McDaniel, Kennady McDaniel, Jordan Parker, Aidan Pritchard, Ayla Stapleton, Marissa Waltermire and Mark Waltermire and back row (l to r) Teacher Cija Joy and D.A.R.E. Officer Jenny Parker.

My D.A.R.E. Report
By Emily Kittlin
GPMS/Robyn Miller 5A
DARE is teaching me how to make responsible and safe choices. Our DARE Instructor is Mrs. Jenny Parker. She is very nice and she is a really good DARE instructor. We all love her very much.
I’ve learned a lot during DARE. I learned how to make smart choices and responsible choices. I’ve learned that drugs are really bad and it could take your life for good. I’ve also learned how bullying is not nice and we shouldn’t bully people because we need to treat people how we want to be treated. If I want to be treated nice then I have to treat others correctly also.
I have used the DARE Decision Making Model in so many ways. First of all, the DARE Decision Making Model is Define, Assess, Respond and Evaluate. The DARE Decision Making Model have also a little bit taught me what to say if I ever have an emergency and need to call 911. I will describe my problem. Think of three choices to tell the person and then make a choice. Then do it until the police come. When everything works out okay, I will ask myself did I make a good choice.
I plan to use what I have learned from DARE which is not to do drugs in the future so I won’t take my own life by drugs. I have some knowledge about how drugs have had a little bit to do with my life. When I was a little girl, my mom used to do drugs and me and my brother had got sent to the state by child services. If neither of my family had come to get me, I don’t know where I would be right now. Probably in another foster home. Someone in my family had come to get me and then sent me back. And then someone else came to get me and my brother and they sent us back. Then finally my aunt stepped in and got me and my brother. Because of her I am here now and I am able to read this speech. If my aunt would have not gotten me and my brother you would not be hearing this on this day. This story has to do with drugs because my mom couldn’t take care of her kids for drugs. I’ve learned that I don’t want to do drugs in the future.
This is what I have learned about DARE and how I am going to make responsible and safe choices in the future.
My D.A.R.E. Report
By Jared Thacker
GPMS/Ingrid Jennings 5B
What is DARE? DARE is a program that tells you what to do and what the bad things are. The person that does the DARE Program is Deputy Jenny Parker that works for the Sheriff’s Office. She loves kids and loves to teach them. And she also has two of her own kids. This is a really fun program. It is here to tell you what the bad things are and not to do them.
I learned a lot of stuff during DARE. I learned to always help others if they are in trouble or being bullied. I also learned to stay away from people smoking because it can be called second hand smoke which is just as bad as the person smoking. If you are in DARE, you will also learn not to drink or accept bad things from others. That are some things we learned in the DARE Program.
I used the DARE decision making model to help me learn about how to use them. I also use them to solve a lot of my problems in my life. I have been using the DARE Decision Making Model a lot of times. I use it at school, at my house or on the road. The DARE Decision Making Model is not that hard to use if you give your best effort. The DARE Decision Making Model is a good way to not do something or hurt someone.
I plan to make good decisions that I learned to keep me safe. I also know not to take things from others that are not good so I don’t get in trouble. I also know not to smoke because that can give you lung cancer and it can kill you. If you do that stuff it will probably cause you to go to jail which is not good. So that is how I will make responsible choices.
That is what I learned and everything from the DARE Program. This is how we learned during DARE. I really love DARE.
My D.A.R.E. Report
By Arin Ashley
GPMS/Amanda Parker 5C
I hope that the DARE Program helps kids all around the world just as it has helped me learned how to make good choices. The DARE Program made me look forward to going to school every day that I knew the DARE Officer would be there. The DARE Program teaches kids like me important things that they will need in the future.
There are some particular lessons that I learned during the DARE Program that I really liked. One of them is when we learned about resistance strategies because they taught me how to say no to and walk away from smoking, drugs and alcohol. Another lesson I liked was when we learned how to communicate confidently. I liked it because if you were in a situation where you could be harmed, it tells you how to confidently say no and walk away. The last lesson that I really liked was when we learned the five W’s of reporting bullying. It tells you how to report bullying, you must tell the adult that it is being reported to, who was being bullied, what happened to make this considered bullying, when it happened, where it happened and why it happened.
The DARE Decision Making Model acronym stands from Define, Assess, Respond, and Evaluate. The DARE Program acronym stands for Drug, Abuse, Resistance and Education. I learned from the DARE Decision Making Model how to tell about the problems I have, find out what my choices are to fix my problem, how to make a good choice and how to know why the choice I made was a good one. The DARE Decision Making Model has helped me a lot and I think it has helped many other children like me.
The things that I’ve learned will always help me make good choices and the choices I make because of DARE may save my life someday. Many of the things that the DARE program teaches you are about staying away from drugs, smoking and alcohol. Using these things can damage every organ in your body. This can lead to cancer and other diseases. These can cause you to be permanently disabled or they can be fatal. DARE teaches you how to stay away from drugs and alcohol so you can live a happy and healthy life. I can learn from DARE that if someone asks me if I would like a beer or cigarette I know that the right thing to do is say no.
I have learned many things during the DARE Program and all the things in the program will help me know what is right. I loved the DARE program because it taught me many very valuable lessons that I will need to understand from the rest of my life. DARE helped and still helps many kids around the world including me.

My D.A.R.E. Report
By Zadrien Cooper
GPMS/Angela Poole 5D
My thought about DARE is that it teaches you to be more responsible and respectful and more helpful. DARE also teaches you how to make good choices and do good things in school so you can get an education.
What I learned in DARE is how to respect others and be more respectful and helpful to others and one day someone might do a favor to help you out. You never know. I also learned to not do things like drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and things like that.
How I have used the DARE Decision Making Model is how to describe the problem or challenge I am facing. I also learned how to assess the problem by making a choice to do the right thing or the wrong thing. I learned to make the right decision.
How I plan to use what I’ve learned in DARE is to make smart choices and safe responsibilities is by knowing my signs of stress. I could walk away from the problem. I also plan to use what I’ve learned by standing up to a bully and doing the right thing and helping friends out.
What I have done and learned in DARE is how to be kind to others and don’t be a bystander. When someone is being bullied, do the right thing and be a good citizen. Stand up to the bully and be helpful to others not just your friends.
My D.A.R.E. Report
By Gabbi Sharp
GPMS/McClure 5E
My DARE Experience has been genuinely amazing. My DARE Officer has taught me so many wonderful ways to say “no” to bullying, drugs and alcohol. She also taught me how to be a great citizen.
My favorite lesson from the workbook was the lesson on stress and how to deal with it. The reason this was my favorite lesson is because in school I (and most of my peers) get stressed very easily. With all the stress we deal with we need to know an easy mature way to deal with it. This was my favorite lesson and why.
I have used the DARE Decision Making Model more than just in my book. I’ve used it in everyday life as well. Let me explain. A couple of weeks ago I was near my sister and a few of her friends. They were trying to pressure her into smoking. Well me being me, I got involved remembering a lesson and our DARE Decision Making Model. I thought about the situation, mine and her options and warned her not to do it. The DARE Decision Making Model is basically a step by step process to make a good, responsible decision. First you have to think about the problem, challenge, opportunity or situation. Next think about the choices you have for your situation. Now pick one of your choices (pick the best one for your situation). Last but definitely not least, reflect on the choice you picked (ask yourself did I pick the best choice?)
Not only in the future but also now, I hope to make good decisions that impact my life in a good way, but also other peoples. In my future, I would like to use what I have learned in DARE to make my generation and generations after me better by being a good citizen. These are just a few ways I want to use what I have learned in DARE in the future.
This essay summarizes what I didn’t think I could summarize in seven paragraphs into four. I’m so glad I could tell you what my DARE experience has been like. Also how I plan to use what I’ve learned in my future and day to day life.