LPSO Bloodhound Rescues Urania man

Judy, the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office bloodhound, found a 65-year-old Urania man in the woods near his home about four hours after he was reported missing on Monday, October 24, 2011.

Urania Chief of Police Wayne Corley said he was notified at about 5:30 p.m. on that date, that Bud Ates, 65, of Urania, was missing from his home.

Corley said Ates was known to go riding in the woods near his home on his Hoveround, but had never been reported missing. Corley and several volunteers on ATVs and on foot, started searching for Ates.

At about 8 p.m. after their search proved fruitless, Corley contacted the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office for help.

Corley contacted Sheriff Scott Franklin to request assistance.  Sheriff Franklin dispatched Deputy Jeremy Roark to the scene with instructions to utilized the department’s bloodhound, Judy, to search for the missing man.

Sheriff Franklin, Deputy Roark and Judy were on the scene around 8:30 p.m. Judy was provided some of Ates’ clothing to obtain a scent for tracking.

Judy then made a bee-line through the woods to where Ates was still sitting in his Hoveround, waiting for help to arrive. It took Judy about ten minutes to find the missing man.

“With so many people walking in the woods looking for the missing man, it is amazing that Judy was able to track him so well,” Deputy Roark said. “But once Judy had a scent of Ates’ clothing, she had no problem in tracking him.”

Chief Corley said Ates had gone into the woods before dark and had fallen asleep in his Hoveround. When he awoke, it was pitch dark and he could not see how to get back to his home, so he just waited for help.

Corley said he was glad the situation turned out like it did and that Ates did not have to spend the night in the woods, because it got very cold that night and he was not dressed for cold weather.

Corley extended his thanks to all the volunteers who showed up to help and to the LPSO for assisting in the search, which lead to finding Ates.

Judy, the LPSO’s bloodhound and Deputy Jeremy Roark are shown with Bud Ates at the Urania Town Hall.