Local residents facing multiple drug charges

Drug Bust
Illegal narcotics, glass smoking pipes, and other drug paraphernalia was seized as evidence following the arrest of a 50-year-old Trout woman, Teresa Owens, on multiple drug charges last week.

A routine traffic stop in Good Pine and questionable activity in the middle of the night at a dumpster near Trout, resulted in the arrest of two women on multiple illegal narcotic charges, according to LaSalle Sheriff Scott Franklin.
On the night of Tuesday, January 29, a LaSalle Parish deputy stopped a vehicle on School Street in the Good Pine community due to an equipment violation.
Deputies approached the vehicle and spoke to the driver, identified to be Brandy Rowton, age 30, of Jena.
Rowton was asked to step out of the vehicle, and after speaking with her, deputies decided to utilize a K-9 search. The K-9 “Titan” alerted on the vehicle and a further search was conducted.
Deputies located a loaded .22 caliber pistol with the serial numbers filed away along with a billfold that contained pills identified to be hydrocodone and suboxone.
Rowton was arrested and transported to the LaSalle Parish Jail. After arriving at the LPSO, the deputy opened the door and a yellow straw with a burnt end fell out of the patrol car. Rowton advised that it was not hers, and was escorted to the LPSO jail.
While in the booking room, Walker handed a deputy a digital scale that she had hidden in her shirt. Inside the straw the deputies observed a white powder substance along with a pill. Other pills were also located in the back floor of the patrol unit.
Rowton admitted that the straw and tablets had fell out of her shoe. During a further search of the billfold, deputies located a plastic baggie containing suspected methamphetamine.
Rowton was booked into the parish jail on charges of improper equipment, possession of CDS II – hydrocodone, possession CDS II -methamphetamine, possession of CDS III – suboxone, possession of CDS IV, possession of firearm with CDS, possession of firearm with obliterated serial number, possession of drug paraphernalia, and obstruction of justice.
Trout Arrest
On the night of Wednesday, January 30, a LaSalle Parish deputy observed a vehicle parked at a LaSalle Parish dumpster on Hwy 84 west of Jena with head lights on and a person walking from a dumpster with a headlamp.
The deputy spoke to the individual, and asked for her driver’s license. While the female was looking for her license the deputy noticed a small box with a digital scale.
The female was identified to be Teresa Owens, age 50, of Trout. Owens was asked to empty her purse, and while emptying the purse the deputy observed the digital scale. Owens initially advised the deputy that it did not belong to her, but then informed that it had been sent to her.
Owens was asked to empty the contents of her pockets, and when she began emptying them, she tried to conceal something in her jacket. The deputy searched the jacket, and located four small plastic bags containing suspected methamphetamine along with two glass smoking pipes.
Owens was transported to the LaSalle Parish Jail and booked on the charges of possession of CDS II meth with intent to distribute, possession of CDS II hydrocodone, possession of drug paraphernalia, and scavenging.