YCAPWarden Jeff Windham of LaSalle Correctional Center is proud to announce the upcoming second annual Youth Crime Awareness Program (YCAP) being offered to the 8th grade students of LaSalle Parish.

Last year, Warden Windham made a notion to team with the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office to start a program for the youth in our parish to become aware of the tough consequences there are to pay for making negative choices in life.

Together, Warden Windham and Sheriff Scott Franklin came up with YCAP.

YCAP allows the 8th grade students in LaSalle Parish to have the opportunity to take an actual walk through tour of the LaSalle Correctional Center and allows them a glimpse of what prison life is really like. After inmates are vacated from the area, students are able to view the dorms of the correctional facility and even solitary confinement cells. After the tour, a personal testimony is given by a trustee inmate on the effects of bad choices and spending time in prison. Last year’s initial program was quite a success.

Some students who were known to be troubled teens left from YCAP with a fresh outlook on the importance of making positive decisions in life and respecting the laws that we are to follow. Sheriff Franklin says he received numerous phone calls from parents and teachers alike, commending the LaSalle Correctional Center and LaSalle Sheriff’s Office in the success and impact of YCAP. Warden Windham and Sheriff Franklin both agree that through YCAP, they hope to make the consequences of bad choices a reality to students, and that in turn they will make wise choices in life.