LCC Inmates Escape

Three LCC Inmates Escape – Two Caught Next Day

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During the early morning hours of Saturday, March 1, 2014, three inmates escaped from the LaSalle Correctional Center in Urania, LA, which is owned and operated by LaSalle Management Corporation of Ruston, LA.  Two of them were back in custody within 24 hours, according to LaSalle Parish Sheriff Scott Franklin.

When guards made their head count at 5:30 AM Saturday, they discovered three of the inmates were missing, and notified the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office. The three were identified as Jeffery Wayne Cruz, 31; William Mitchell, 22; and Gregory Savioy, 23, all from the New Orleans area.

About 6:00 AM Saturday, authorities received word that a 2014 Ford F-550 work truck was missing from Stott Wood Company yard in Olla, LA. The truck was new, had Stott Wood Co. painted on the side and had toolboxes down both sides of the bed.

Since all three men were from the New Orleans area, authorities believed they were headed to that area. Law enforcement agencies throughout the state and neighboring states were then alerted.

Early Sunday morning, U.S. Marshals, acting on information they had obtained, found Cruz and Mitchell on Bourbon Street in New Orleans and took them into custody. The keys to the truck were in the pocket of one of the inmates.  Officers later found the vehicle parked in a New Orleans Walmart parking lot.

As of press time on Monday, Savioy was still missing.  Authorities believe they have solid leads on his whereabouts, and an apprehension is expected soon.

Cruz, from Harvey, LA, was serving a sentence on a charge of aggravated assault with a scheduled release date of June 1, 2021.

Mitchell, from Des Allemands, LA, was serving a sentence on a charge of 2nd degree murder, with a release date of June 28, 2028.

Savioy, from Metairie, LA, was serving a sentence on a charge of distribution of CDS. He was slated for release on September 12, 2027.

Facing Charges

All three inmates now face multiple new charges which could lead to long extended prison sentences. They will most likely be charged with simple escape, which carries up to 5 years in prison. A charge of theft of a motor vehicle with a value of over $1,500 carries up to 10 years in prison. Depending on their prior criminal history, the three will most likely face habitual offender charges.  If the three are found to be habitual offenders, they would no longer be eligible for good time, which means they would have to serve day for day the sentences meted out. The three are facing some substantial additional time, once they are back in LaSalle Parish.

Sheriff Franklin said on Monday that as soon as the inmates are returned to LaSalle Parish, they will be arraigned for 72-hour hearings.  Following the hearings, they will be transferred to Hunt Correctional Facility in Baton Rouge, LA, to serve the remainder of their prison terms.