LaSalle Sheriff Helps With Rescue Operation

LaSalle Sheriff Scott Franklin
LaSalle Sheriff Scott Franklin stands beside the LPSO rescue boat awaiting to take some folks in Lafayette Parish to higher grounds during flooding in that area last Saturday

LaSalle Parish Sheriff Scott Franklin and his son, Ryan, spent all day Saturday and into the night helping Lafayette officers rescue people stranded in their homes because of rising flood waters in the area.

More than two-feet of rainfall within a 20 hour period caused major flooding throughout south Louisiana, leaving many people trapped in their homes.

Sheriff Franklin and his son, Ryan, carried a boat belonging to the LaSalle Sheriff’s Office to Lafayette early Saturday morning. Once there, he was teamed up with Lafayette Parish Deputy Sheriff Bobby Goodrich.

Deputy Goodrich knew the area and where people were located that needed assistance.

After Goodrich worked with the LaSalle men into the night Saturday, he posted the following to Facebook early Sunday morning:

“Saturday during my first 12-hours of search and rescue, I was lucky enough to be teamed up with the LaSalle Parish Sheriff Scott Franklin and his son. He brought down a boat which aided us in accessing areas that were many feet under water.

“At one point, I realized that parish lines did not exist. We were one entity helping those that could no longer help themselves.

“There were several times at the end of my shift that I would say, ‘Sheriff, just a couple more addresses to check’, and he would say, ‘ok, let’s get it!’

“With his help we successfully rescued hundreds of Lafayette Parish residents and were able to get them to shelters. Thank you again, Sheriff Franklin, for helping our citizens! We greatly appreciate your assistance.

Ryan Franklin helps load a bag from a stranded resident
Ryan Franklin helps load a bag from a stranded resident into the boat as he and his dad, Sheriff Scott Franklin, offered assistance in Lafayette Parish to rescue stranded residents.

“I would also like to thank our administration at the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s office, Sheriff Mark Garber and the many donors of supplies and food. They made sure that we were able to do our jobs as safe as possible, and kept us fed!”

Sheriff Franklin said as he watched the news of the flooding in south Louisiana on television, he knew he needed to do something to help. He enlisted the help of his son and they left Jena early Saturday morning with boat in tow to offer assistance.

“It was a long day and we rescued hundreds of people with the assistance of local officials,” he said. “It was a tiring, but rewarding effort, and we are glad we could be of assistance.”