LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office provides a Beacon of Light to those in need

        Sheriff Franklin’s newest community program is The Home Beacon. Citizens of LaSalle Parish can request this light bulb to provide extra security when calling on emergency services. This two-in-one 60 watt light bulb called The Home Beacon makes it easier for first responders to locate emergency victims’ homes instead of trying to find the house number. When residents are in need of emergency services, they will call 911 first, then flip the light switch ON and OFF 3 TIMES, leaving it in the ON POSITION, activating The Home Beacon’s flashing signal which can be seen over one mile away at night or a few blocks during daylight hours.   The Home Beacon light bulb is available FREE to citizens over 60 at the LaSalle Parish Council on Aging or sheriff’s dept. If someone under 60 would like to add this beacon of safety to their home, they may purchase the bulb for $10 at the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office, Monday to Friday between 8am to 4pm.