Jena woman arrested on illegal drug charge

A 29-year-old Jena woman was booked into the LaSalle Parish Jail on Wednesday April 20, 2011, and transferred to the Richland Correctional Center in Rayville, according to Sheriff Scott Franklin. Amy Lynn Bond, 29, of Jena, was arrested on charges stemming from an undercover operation conducted several weeks ago by the Narcotics Division of the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office. Bond was the target of an undercover purchase of illegal narcotic drugs when detectives learned that she had been involved in the sale of methamphetamines, commonly known as “crystal meth” in a LaSalle Parish community.

Once agents had obtained the suspected methamphetamines from Bond and confirmed it was, in fact, the illegal drug “crystal meth”, a warrant for her arrest was obtained. Officers served the warrant on Bond on Wednesday, April 20, 2011, charging her with distribution of a controlled and dangerous substance, CDS II – methamphetamines. She was first booked into the parish jail and then transferred to Rayville to await bond to be set in 28th Judicial District Court.

Sheriff Franklin commended the undercover narcotic officers involved in the operation, noting they work around the clock getting illegal drugs off the streets of our communities. “It is a never ending process,” he noted. “This is arrest number 578 on drug charges since I took office. It looks like a lot of these dealers do not take us serious about our pledge to rid the parish of illegal narcotics. They keep making and selling it and we keep making arrests.”

“However, with the 578 individuals we have put behind bars for dealing in illegal narcotics, it has made our communities safer and made it a lot harder for our young people to obtain the stuff,” the Sheriff said.