Inmate Charged

Michael Floyd, 32, an inmate at the LaSalle Correctional Center in Urania, was arrested on Tuesday, March 27, by LPSO narcotic detectives for his part in a scheme to bring illegal narcotics into the prison.

LCC officers and LPSO narcotic detectives uncovered this plat when on Saturday, March 24, Tonya Caldwell of Denham Springs was caught with marijuana, cocaine and Xanax pills on her person at the prison during visitation hours and attempting to pass them to Floyd.

Caldwell was arrested and charged with these crimes. During an interview with Caldwell, narcotic detectives learned that she had been instructed by LCC inmate Terry Floyd on when and where to pick up these illegal drugs and how to get them into the facility to him.

Armed with this information, narcotic detectives obtained a warrant of arrest for Floyd on the following charges: criminal conspiracy to commit possession of CDS I, marijuana; criminal conspiracy to commit possession of CDS II, cocaine; and criminal conspiracy to commit possession of CDS IV, alprazolam.

After his arrest, Floyd was transported to Claiborne Detention Center to await trial on these charges.