Fielder’s Choice

Final Arrest Closes Operation Fielder’s Choice

The final arrest has been made to conclude Operation Fielder’s Choice, which included a total of 22 drug arrests, according to Sheriff Scott Franklin. Marcus Brinson, 30, of Jena, was arrested and charged by narcotic detectives with the LaSalle Sheriff’s Office. The arrest came after detectives obtained a warrant based on evidence that Brinson sold illegal narcotics.  Brinson was booked into the LaSalle Parish Jail on a charge of distribution of CDS II (cocaine), and as of press time, August 17, 2015, was awaiting a bond hearing.

On Thursday, June 25, 2015, officers with the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office set out to arrest 22 individuals during a drug operation tagged “Operation Fielder’s Choice”, after obtaining warrants for various drug charges. Officers were able to locate and arrest 19 of the wanted suspects on that date, with 17 of them facing distribution charges. All 22 individuals that officers set out to arrest in the operation have now been arrested, with 20 of them facing distribution charges.

The operation was dubbed “Operation Fielder’s Choice” because during his campaign to become Sheriff in LaSalle Parish, Franklin gave drug dealers and users three choices: 1) Quit; 2) Move; or 3) Go to Jail.

Franklin commended the narcotic detectives for the outstanding job they did during the operation.  “We will never give up the fight to rid our parish and our communities of the drug element,” he said.