EZ Child Identifaction

EZ Child Identification System Implementation for 2015

ezchildRepresentatives from the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office and the LaSalle Parish

Homeland Security will be in parish pre-kindergarten and second grade classes during the months of January through April to administer the EZ Child Identification System.

The EZ Child Identification System will allow the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office to document your child’s fingerprints, photo and voice to a portable disc that will only be kept by you as the parent/guardian.  Neither the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office nor any other entity will keep copies of your child’s information for your child’s safety and privacy.

If ever needed for any reason it will be your responsibility as the parent/guardian to give this disc with your child’s information to any law enforcement agency.

Forms will be sent home by students and parents/guardians must complete the information on the form and sign it consenting to the child taking part in the program.

If you have any questions or concerns or if you as the parent/guardian would like to volunteer to assist in registering children on the EZ Child Identification System, please feel free to contact Mrs. Jenny Parker, LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office DARE Officer, at 318.992.7364 or Dana Chapman, LaSalle Parish Homeland Security Assistant Director, at 318.992.0673.

January 29th at Nebo Elementary
February 25th at  Fellowship Elementary
March 17th – 18th at  Jena Elementary
March 19th – 20th at  Olla Elementary
April 14th at  LaSalle Parish Head Start