Delinquent Tax Collections


Because of new state legislation, LA R.S. 47:2062, the LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office has contracted with the company ARCHON, to secure payment of delinquent property taxes, according to Sheriff Scott Franklin. The company is authorized to locate delinquent taxpayers, generate and mail notices of all tax sale related events, process payments, and provide taxpayer customer service through its Louisiana based call center. To date, the use of this new technology and service has been beneficial in recovering delinquent property taxes in over 25 other Louisiana parishes and cities.

These new services cost neither the Sheriff’s Office nor timely taxpayers anything; however, delinquent LaSalle Parish taxpayers will be assessed a 10% tax sale cost. The additional cost will take effect on February 1, 2014, pursuant to state statute. By utilizing this approach for delinquent tax collections and tax sales, the Sheriff will no longer have to expand timely paid tax revenue to collect delinquent taxes. Instead, delinquent taxpayers are essentially paying for delinquent tax collections. In Louisiana, interest accrues on delinquent property taxes at a rate of 1% per month until paid, beginning January 31st of each year. “As stated before, this action will not cost our faithful timely taxpayers anything,” Sheriff Franklin said. “It does keep us from spending some of that revenue to collect delinquent taxes.”

Parish Property tax notices for year 2013 should be in the mail in early November. The notices will be printed and ready for mail as soon as final approval of the tax rolls are received from the Louisiana Tax Commission. Taxes for 2013 are due by December 31, 2013.