D.A.R.E. JR. High Program starts this January in LaSalle Parish Schools

    The 7th grade students of LaSalle Parish will have a special visitor in their classrooms this Spring Semester. Deputy Jenny Parker, LaSalle Parish Sheriff’s Office will be teaching the Jr. High D.A.R.E. Program. The program is taught in eleven lessons within a two week period with topics of drug awareness, assertiveness, dealing with peer pressure, making decisions and knowing the consequences, using R.E.A.L. resistance techniques, and bullying awareness. Students participate in the daily lessons, working out situations where they are faced with making wise decisions and hopefully, choosing one with good consequences. These lessons are designed to help the students develop skills that can be used as they face any life changing decision not just in school but also adulthood. After the eleven week program, 7th graders are rewarded with a t-shirt. Deputy Parker will rotate to each Jr. High School after several weeks to begin a new school.