911 Signs Vital – a Matter of Life or Death

First Responders Placing Door Reminders at Homes

LaSalle Parish first responders are on a mission to save lives before they ever receive a call for help.
Sheriff’s deputies, police departments, fire departments, and ambulance services have begun a life-saving campaign of hanging reminders on the front doors of residences and businesses that do not have the proper 911 signage displayed.
“It’s these 911 address number signs that can literally save a person’s life in the event of an emergency,” LaSalle Parish Sheriff Scott Franklin said. “If our residents do not have their house numbers displayed for emergency personnel to see then help may not arrive in time to save their life or the life of a loved one.”
According to Deputy Jenny Parker, the door hangers were purchased by the sheriff’s office in an effort to get residents to put up their 911 address signs in accordance to the law.
“The LaSalle Parish Police Jury passed Ordinance 810 in 1998 establishing the E-911communications system and in that ordinance it clearly sets the guidelines on the placement and type of signs that must be displayed at residences and businesses,” Parker said. “As law enforcement and emergency personnel, we understand the importance of all of our citizens abiding by this ordinance in order for us to do our job in assisting them in times of need.”
The bright orange “door hangers” will be hung on the front doors of residences and businesses that do not have the proper signage by emergency personnel as they go about their regular business during the week.
“When deputies, policemen, firemen, or ambulance personnel are going about their regular business or patrols, if they see a residence or business that does not have the required 911 signs then the bright orange door hangers will be left as a way to encourage them to get this life-saving measure done,” Parker said.
The door hanger begins with this message: “This is not a citation, just a courtesy to our LaSalle Parish residents.”
“While Ordinance 810 does allow for citations and fines for failing to comply with the placement of signs, this is not what is going on here,” she said. “We are hoping that all citizens will comply voluntarily without ever having to resort to issuing tickets. Our purpose is to save lives – not give tickets.”
In bold print, the door hanger notes: ATTENTION: YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR 911 ADDRESS DISPLAYED.” It continues to quote language from the ordinance informing the resident of the proper way to display their 911 address.
According to Ordinance 810, each principal building or structure on a property must display the 911 number assigned to them in two places: (1) On the front of the house where the front entrance is located; and (2) On the mailbox or if no mailbox on a sign or number post with the numbers vertically from top down.
The numbers are to be reflective and no less than 3 inches in height, according to the ordinance.
“By having the numbers large and reflective, emergency personnel can locate a residence quickly, even at night,” Sheriff Franklin said. “This is especially important for the many driveways where the house is not visible from the main road. Having that 911 address number sign out by the main road makes all the difference in the world.”
Sheriff Franklin said the goal of the door hanger campaign is to get all of LaSalle Parish in compliance with the ordinance.
“This really is a matter of life or death and the peace of mind that comes in knowing that every precaution has been taken to insure the safety of one’s family,” he said. “It would be a terrible thing if emergency personnel couldn’t find someone’s home in time because they failed to put up the proper signs.”
For any questions about the proper location or type of 911 address signage, contact LaSalle Parish Communications District E911 Coordinator Ann Breland at 992-7306.